Everyone needs a little support on whatever journey they take

We get these questions a lot. Perhaps they will help you so you can continue on with your tales of adventure.

Will Bard always be free?

Yes, as long as there is a community willing to support it. We are committed to keep Bard ad free and a platform that cares more about the artists than making millions. That being said, we do need money to live so if you can, check out our pricing page to see how much money we're making and how much we need!

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Is Bard for me?

Bard is for everyone. There are some base skills required to be able to tell a story through any medium but if you don't feel like you have those, we are here to help you improve your creative skills! Whether that's painting, drawing, writing, singing, voice acting, or music producing.

Can I sign up if I'm not an artist?

Absolutely, it's encouraged! Even if you're not a creator, we want Bard to be a place where you can view and support the creators you love!

Does Bard support NSFW content?

No, not currently.

Can I request features?

Yes, absolutely! At Bard, the users really drive the platform forward and we are all ears. The easiest way to chat to us about features is through Discord, but if that isn't your thing, feel free to contact us through any method on our Contact page.

How can I support Bard?

The best way to support us is through our optional subscription plan which can be found in the settings of your profile.

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Why is it called Bard?

Bard's are poets, composers, and story tellers of the epic adventures and deeds of heroes. And really, we are all story tellers. Storytelling helps our audience connect with the creations we are making and it helps facilitate creating more engaging experiences for all.

What kind of artwork should I post on Bard?

Bard is primarily a storytelling and world building platform, but stories can be told through many mediums. If you feel like someone could write a story, do a voice line, create a piece of music, draw something, sing, write a poem, or anything similar to those for your post then it's perfect for Bard.

Do I have to collaborate?

No, not at all. If all you want to do is post your artwork then that's totally cool. What you might find is that other creators will find your artwork and collaborate with YOU! Perhaps then you will understand why collaboration is such a great part of the platform and you will be encouraged to collaborate more with others.