Why artists should have a newsletter


In a world where many of the platforms we use are transient, it’s important for creators to have a complete list of their biggest fans, peers, and connections. Newsletters are a great way to keep track of that list.

Like all things, all these social platforms we use to sell and share our art are transient. They exist now but one day they will not and even the audiences we build on these platforms will join and leave over time. While the downfall of Instagram, Twitter, DeviantArt, or ArtStation may seem impossible it will eventually happen and you should be able to stay in touch with your biggest fans, peers, and connections when that happens. Even Bard may eventually fall but let’s hope it’s decades into the future. A newsletter is a way for you to collect the emails from all the people who want to and are willing to stay up to date with everything you’re doing. If you open commissions, quit your job, start a new initiative, or are looking for work it’s a great way to share that news with the people who are most likely to care and be of help. If you share that news on social media and the algorithm dibs it unfavourable only 5 or 10% of your followers may even see it. Email lists on the other hand have an average of a 20% open rate but it’s possible to increase that with some consistent mail outs.

So start an newsletter or at the very least an email list so that you can have a list of everyone who wants to follow you forever. These email platforms will always allow you to export your lists and download them onto your computer where you can then store them so that you never lose them. You could even start with a notepad and a pen but as long as you have a list of these emails in a place that isn’t going to disappear you’re safe. If you are planning on consistently mailing out to this list be sure to do some reading on what makes a good newsletter. While you may be used to posting on social media a few times a day, newsletters generally send things out way less often. Whenever you’re sending newsletters out you want to make sure you’re sharing something that is valuable to the person receiving it.

There are dozens of platforms you can use to start a mailing list and they all have their benefits and downfalls. If you use Twitter, Revue is a great option that can even be embedded right on your Twitter profile. A lot of these platforms are very business and sales focused but don’t let that deter you! You’re simply collecting emails so that you can share when you’re opening commissions, looking for work, or making big changes in your life and you want to share them with your biggest fans, peers, and followers.