DALL·E 2, it’s not the end for artists


It’s not the end, we promise. If you don’t know what DALL·E 2 is, it’s an AI that can generate artwork from a sentence and/or images within a few seconds. That may include an art style, an artists name, or even a sample image from a piece of art you like and it's honestly pretty good at it. It’s basically photobashing but all you have to do is write a prompt or upload an image.

As we’ve talked about before, creating artwork is all about self expression and connecting with others. Anyone who appreciates the process, journey, connection, and storytelling within an artists work will continue to do so and many people who are aware of DALL·E 2 will find it difficult to connect to a piece of work knowing that it is not something explicitly created by an artist. Regardless, it is up to the consumer to understand and choose what creatives and what creative processes they are supporting.

Overall, DALL·E 2 is just another tool that artists will be able to use to create artwork. Artists will be able to use this tool to generate a piece of artwork with a rough outline of what they might want, download that, and import it into their tools for refinement. In concept design and illustration work many of the important aspects are in the details. Nothing is wrong with starting your drawing with an AI generated image before adding more details and storytelling elements on top. DALL·E 2 will change how people create artwork online and artistic processes will continue to adapt with these changes. The only thing you can do is decide whether or not it benefits your creative process and whether or not you would like to use it to express yourself, tell stories, and connect with others.