Artist only platforms aren’t the solution


Artists as a whole aren’t making money if they’re only getting paid by other artists.

There are plenty of creative platforms out there that profit and take a few cents or even dollars off the top of creatives engaging with creators. This isn’t necessarily their goal but it is the reality. You subscribe to your musical friend on Twitch for $5 and Twitch takes $2.50 off the top. They also follow you and want to support your channel, because that’s what friends do, so they subscribe for $5 and Twitch takes $2.50 off the top. Now you’ve both lost $2.50 and Twitch has made $5.00. Creators generally hangout together and love supporting each other so this happens a lot. However, we can try and shift this pattern so that more “non artists” are supporting artists rather than just artists supporting artists.

At Bard, we understand this. As we grow our objective is to both build a platform that supports creators and also to focus on building an audience with people who just want to support artists. People with not a enough time to create but who still appreciate the finer things in life and people who have convinced themselves that they are not creative but who still love and adore creators. Perhaps we can also convince them to starting creating more themselves.

The platform itself is designed to help artists grow and to help build community between artists but our other ever growing focus is to make it easier for all people to find and support creators and the content you are all creating. As a start, when you subscribe to Bard your profile and services will be advertised up front on our website. As we grow, we plan to expand this so that people have the tools to discover and support artists in all sorts of ways!

I don’t have much more to say with this post other than that. It’s a challenge, we are aware of the challenge, and we want you to know that we will be doing our best to ensure that artists can continue to be financially supported.