A new and exciting way for creative streamers to engage with their audience!


Content creators, streamers, and entertainers are everywhere in the world around us. Some are comedic and make us laugh with a 6 second video a few times a day, some are educational and provide bit sized pieces of information the teach us something new or provide us with helpful tips for our daily lives, and some are entertainers and community builders who create little pockets of the internet for us to sit in and enjoy ourselves. Content creators are always looking for new ways to engage with and connect to their audience and for creative and artistic creators, we think we have just the thing.

It’s common for people who spend much of their time creating art, writing stories, creating music, or anything else to be surrounded by other creative people. Creative content creators themselves are often followed and watched by other creators of different mediums. If you are an artistic twitch streamer chat enables you to talk with and have discussions your followers but what if you could post a painting and have your followers seamlessly write stories, create music, or record voice lines to match your work all with proper credit to the respective creators. On Bard, we are setup for just that.

If you are a music composer or producer then you can post your music and others can paint visuals or tell stories to match the music.

If you are a poet then you can post your poems and others can share their visual or musical interpretations of the poem with you.

If you are an illustrator you can post your paintings and others can write stories, create music, or record voice lines for your characters.

All of this is possible on Bard and what better way to connect with your peers and followers than creating artwork together.