Learn a bit the team and the origins of Bard

What is Bard?

Storytelling is one of the easiest ways to connect with others. It brings us together through shared emotional experiences. Bard is a platform where storytelling and world building with others is at the heart of what we do. We want to create experiences for others that are somewhere less than a full cinematic experience but more than an instagram post. A place where creativity is expressed, but also fully experienced by others. And most importantly, a place for people to connect over the stories that they're sharing.

About Me

Hi! I'm Joe, the sole person behind Bard. I'm 27, from BC Canada, and I have a corgi named Gimli. I went to school for software engineering and business in 2012. Soundtracks and original compositions on Youtube were a staple that got me through school but I often wondered, how much money were these channels, that take other peoples music and other peoples art, making? Why don't I build a platform that allows the creators themselves to combine their complimentary artwork with others and get paid for it? That's how Bard started but since then I have learned much about the creative industries and we have adapted into a storytelling and world building platform. I've also picked up my old creative hobbies and found new ones and for that I am grateful.