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A community based storytelling platform for visual, audio, and written creators. Seamlessly bring your stories together with the help of others!

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Existing social media platforms are poor at fostering communities and are sometimes outright exhausting for creators

It’s time for a change

You spend 12 hours on a painting, post it, half your followers see it, you get some likes, comments, and a bit of dopamine

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We believe that creating art is all about connecting with others and what better way to do that than storytelling

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We support visual work, music, voice lines, songs, poems, stories, and more!

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Watch others collaborate with you

Anyone can seamlessly pair their work with yours, on the fly, an unlimited number of times. Usually collaboration requires a lot of planning, but not here.

Experiment with different mediums

Storytelling is done through all sorts of mediums. Sing a song, let music tell your tale, or bring the visuals together with a painting

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Rejoice in the experiences you create

It creates an emotional experience that connects with you, your peers, and others

Like Bards in a tavern, we encourage open collaboration and offer a warm, cozy place to jam with other creators and meet new friends online. Tell the stories that are currently just in your imagination and we'll work on sharing your work with as many people as possible!

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Collaborating with complete strangers is always an act of trust, and this platform gave me the confidence to share my work freely without fear of losing attribution. And then when I got to read the delighted comments by artists for whom sharing work was usually a one-way street, it brought me so much joy!

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As an illustrator, I never knew that I was missing the opportunity to easily collaborate with musicians and writers. It's an amazing feeling to bring your creations more depth with the help of others and to explore more of your own creativity through the language of other great artists. On top of that, it's a great way to make meaningful and enriching connections!

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To tie it altogether, we also offer a set of user moderated forum style communities. Start or join a group and build some real connections with people on the internet.

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